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Our Launch

Debuting their first helmet collection in 2000, Capix was founded on the objective of providing the best protection available at an affordable price. Armed with one of the most influential pro teams ever assembled, Capix has expanded it's product categories to include, not only helmets, but also safety equipment and accessories, spanning four action sports categories: snow, skate, wake and bike.

Our Launch

With the input and influence of their world renowned athletes, Capix continues to push the boundaries in an effort to design and build products that stand up to the abuse of todays' demands. In a lifestyle that asks you to 'put your money where you mouth is', it's only wise to cover yourself with Capix helmets and protective gear.

Our Standards

As safety is always a choice, we made the choice to make rider safety a priority. By using premium materials and technology we have crafted a full range of protective which meets the highest of international standards. By offering a full line of skate and bike helmets which fully comply with strict CPSC certifications we are certain that our riders' safety; every snow helmet is fully certified with ASTM and every wake helmet with EN1385.

Our Mission

Since the inception of Capix our sights have been set on blending style and safety. For the past decade our riders have worked closely with our R&D, combining the years of experience to perfect all aspects of our protective range to produce an authority in safety and style.